How to make rice water for skin?

Women search the world over for beauty secrets from other cultures, and rice water may just be one of them. This ancient Asian secret, has been used for centuries by women as a hair and skin treatment and even taken internally for health benefits.

rice water
Today we will tell you about the miraculous properties of rice-water. Next time when you cook rice, do not empty the water from it. It turns out that the rice water for skin is one of the most straightforward and economical ways to take care!

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Rice water for skin acne

Rice water is filled with vitamins and minerals that nourish and saturate the skin and hair. Rice water is the beauty secret of many Asian women who use them during many centuries and until now, passing it from generation to generation. The story goes that the women farmers who collected rice In China, Thailand, Japan and other countries of South-East Asia bathed and washed their hair in water that was used for cleaning rice.

One of the best properties of the method is a simple, quick, economical tool in the field of beauty and self-care. All you need to make such a natural beauty product for troubled skin and healthy hair is to have water and some rice!

rice water

How to make rice water for skin care?

It’s very easy to make it at home to create your beauty elixir. You need only pure filtered water and uncooked rice.

What do we need:

Uncooked rice (brown, white, long grain white, short grain, round grain rice, Jasmine or any other rice that you have at home) – 1/2 Cup

Pure filtered water – 2 cups

rice water

The method of cooking rice water as skin care for oily skin and healthy hair:

To start, rinse the rice about a Cup of clean water to remove all dirt and impurities, as well as black seeds if any. Leave for 2-3 minutes washed rice.

Next, put 1/2 Cup uncooked rice in a bowl and fill it with filtered water (1 Cup). In this state, soak the rice for 15-30 minutes, not more! Clean hands lightly rinse the rice in a bowl and knead it so that the water has become turbid. This procedure is to ensure that all the vitamins and minerals of rice entered the water. As a result, it turns out to be a nourishing beauty elixir for the skin and hair.

Now you need gently and carefully with the help of a strainer or a clean gauze to strain the rice water into a clean glass jar or tightly sealed container. Storage of the rice water should be only in the refrigerator, in previously transfused capacity, no more than one week.

That’s all, the rice broth is ready to use for various beauty treatments and skin treatments for the face and hair 🙂 Before using this means of vision, you should test it on a small area of skin to check whether you have allergic reactions!

Beauty treatments and treatment for problematic skin, strengthen the hair with rice water.

rice water

Rice water for oily skin:

Rice water contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which is essential for beautiful skin, smooth and elastic skin. The composition of the congee comprises ferulic acid, which is an antioxidant. Allantoin is a colorless crystal, easily soluble in hot water, cold a little worse soluble, making it an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

rice water

Acne treatment

Rice water helps to heal acne and lightens discolorations on the face in adolescence (if you have red spots after acne). Rice water acts directly on the skin as the slightly pulling tool, resulting in reduced pores on the face. Wipe face with rice water with a cotton pad each day. If you have dry skin, you certainly should moisturize it after the procedure.

rice water

The treatment of eczema

Components of starch present in rice water are very effective in dealing with inflammation on your skin. By soaked in rice water cotton or special sponge for the face, spend all the affected skin several times. Continue thus to do a couple of minutes, until the rice until the broth is absorbed into the skin (until it dries).

For irritated skin

Apply rice water on the rashes and other angry spots on your face or body slightly to calm it down. Dermatological research has shown that those patients who washed rice with water and took a bath with rice water two times a day for 15 minutes, has made significant improvements to the state of their skin.

rice water

Tonic for face based on rice water

You can easily use rice water as a toner for the face. After regular washing with a gel or other cleansing products for the face, soak a cotton pad and wipe the skin, in the direction of message lines. This procedure will provide you the pores, tightening skin, stimulating blood and also help to keep your skin smooth, bright and elastic.

Cleanser for the face

Clean your face with rice water is very simply, for this dip a cotton pad or a clean sponge in the liquid and the soft, gentle movements massage the skin for several minutes. To wipe the face after such a procedure is not necessary, it must dry naturally. By regular use, you will immediately notice that your skin has become soft, supple and radiant. You can use each as a daily cleansing care for your skin.

Soft tool for removing sunburn from the skin

If you have been sunburn on the beach, you can use rice water to relieve the redness and burning, to recover quickly. For this, you need to put the rice water in the refrigerator and use cold to reduce the burning, redness, and pain. It is best to pour cold rice water in a spray bottle or a bottle with dispenser.

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