Mother’s Day: 5 Best Desserts to Bake for Mom

Mother's Day: 5 Best Desserts to Bake for Mom

Few things are as divine as thearoma of a cake baking in the oven. As children, we have stood tip toed in the kitchen watching our mothers take aromatic treats out of the oven. With eyes wide gaping at her skillful hands and the serene satisfaction on her face, we all have hoped to master the careful craft of measurements; to experience the pleasure of kneading or blending the batter and then joy of watching it magically transform into a sweet reality.

This Mother’s Day, bake her happy! We bring you some of our best desserts. Make them yourself to surprise her or cuddle up with mum to spread some cheer with our blissful bakes!
1. Cinnamon Butter Cookie

Recipe by Nishtha Asrani

The flavour of cinnamon infused into butter cookies that will melt in your mouth. This is a classic bake- sweet, simple and served with love.
2. Fudgy Chocolate Cake

Recipe by Divya Burman

Express your love with this decadent bake. This could be the dessert of your dreams – chocolate cake topped with chocolate fudge and finished with chocolate ganache!
3. Red Velvet Cupcake

Recipe by Shivangana Vasudeva

Cupcakes are the best homemade gifts and this time they make a come back in the most sensational flavour! Made with vanilla, cocoa and a dramatic splash of red, pile them high with a peppermint frosting to add an extra oomph!
4. Lemon Tart

Recipe by Nikhil and Natasha

Surprise your mum by pulling off the art of baking a tart! She’ll love this sunny, lemony tart.

5. Doughnuts

Recipe by Niru Gupta

Take a trip down memory lane by baking a batch of doughnuts with mum! These are the classic doughnuts stuffed with the delighting aroma of cinnamon and heart warming sweetness.


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