nine barriers on the course

Remembering the Lord with Om
“Tajjapastadartha bhavanam”

tad = its; japaha = repetition; tad = its; artha = which means; bhavanam = feeling
while you recollect it (the Divine) by repeating the word, the phrase uttered gives you the feeling of the Divine.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #28

that is an essential sutra. Japa is what? it’s miles a valid which can remind you of that country of an instance, in case you say mango, the phrase mango itself without delay offers you the conceptand the sensation of the fruit. if you are fond of mangoes your mouth starts offevolved watering. there isan instantaneous response. Say Christmas or Diwali, it robotically generates the sensation of gifts andcelebration.

So, tajjapastadartha bhavanam means, whilst you say Om you consider the totality of the being this is the very center of this existence, that is unfastened from misery and which is all love, unconditional love. The sound Om reminds you of the Lord of the introduction.

Clearing boundaries from thoughts with Om
“Tataha pratyakchetanadhigamoapyantarayabhavascha’’

tataha = then; pratyak = the individual self; chetana = soul; adhigamaha = knowledge; api = also; antaraya = limitations; abhavaha = absence; cha = and

“Then the knowledge of your soul, the Self occurs, and there can be a lack of limitations, that is,boundaries to your course will vanish.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #29

what’s the use of it? while this sense of elevation, totality of awareness comes to then you definitelywitness focus dawns in you and your mind receives absolutely converted. readability starts offevolvedto your questioning. clarity begins on your feeling. The entire frame undergoes a metamorphosis; so alive, so full of prana, and all of the barriers to your course are eliminated. simply the memory of Lordship, of the Divine can get rid of obstacles from your thoughts.

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