Om chanting: Clearing limitations out of your path

Patanjali Yoga Sutras- knowledge Sheet 23
Contd. from expertise sheet 22

Remembering the Lord with Om
“Tajjapastadartha bhavanam”

tad = its; japaha = repetition; tad = its; artha = that means; bhavanam = feeling
whilst you keep in mind it (the Divine) by repeating the word, the phrase uttered gives you the sensationof the Divine.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #28

this is an crucial sutra. Japa is what? it’s miles a sound which can remind you of that country of feeling.for example, if you say mango, the phrase mango itself right away offers you the concept and the sensation of the fruit. in case you are fond of mangoes your mouth begins watering. there’s a directresponse. Say Christmas or Diwali, it mechanically generates the sensation of gifts and birthday celebration.

So, tajjapastadartha bhavanam method, when you say Om you do not forget the totality of the being this isthe very middle of this existence, that is loose from distress and that’s all love, unconditional love. The sound Om reminds you of the Lord of the advent.

Clearing obstacles from mind with Om
“Tataha pratyakchetanadhigamoapyantarayabhavascha’’

tataha = then; pratyak = the man or woman self; chetana = soul; adhigamaha = information; api =additionally; antaraya = boundaries; abhavaha = absence; cha = and

“Then the know-how of your soul, the Self happens, and there could be an absence of boundaries, that is, obstacles on your course will vanish.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #29

what’s the use of it? while this feeling of elevation, totality of cognizance comes to then you definitelywitness cognizance dawns in you and your mind gets absolutely transformed. clarity begins in yourquestioning. clarity starts on your feeling. The entire body undergoes a metamorphosis; so alive, so fullof prana, and all of the obstacles to your route are removed. just the reminiscence of Lordship, of the Divine can take away obstacles from your thoughts.

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