Sultan Director Explains How Anushka Sharma Shot For the movie


Anushka trained with 3 different trainers for the film
Anushka, who’s a vegetarian, needed to stick with a high protein food plan
Sultan casts Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma as wrestlers
Sultan director Ali Abbas Zafar said that he becameshockedthrough Anushka Sharma’s look and “correct accessoryin the film.

as the girl wrestler at the set, armed with an correct accessory, Anushka bowled me over,” Ali said in aassertion.

Anushka, for over six weeks, put herself via a traumatic and rigorous exercise session that lasted for hours.

Anushka trained with 3 special trainers to construct extraordinary talent sets. Her first instructor taught her wrestling, the second one focussed on strength education, and to address the day long onerousexercising, her physiotherapist could do stretches and primary bodily education to relax her muscle groups.

Anushka, who’s a vegetarian, had to keep on with a excessive protein food plan. “To be honest, i used to be a bit involved on how an awful lot would she be capable of manage in just six weeks. however Ihave confidence in Anushka’s complete commitment to her work. She has coped up with a hardschooling schedule without a ruin and without any court cases,” introduced Ali.

Sultan casts Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma as wrestlers.

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