The new purple squiggle in Google Docs flags ‘potentially inappropriate words’

Google Docs suggestions

If you begin to see purple squiggles underlining what you’re typing in a Google Docs document, don’t worry: That’s just Google trying to be helpful. Here’s what the purple squiggle in Google Docs means.

Google said Thursday that it’s adding stylistic suggestions to Google Docs within Google Workspace, designed to “help elevate your writing style and make more dynamic, clear, inclusive, and concise documents,” according to a blog post Google issued on Thursday. Actual errors will be highlighted in red, while the new suggestions will receive the new purple squiggle.

“You’ll see suggestions when there are opportunities to structure a sentence with an active voice or when a sentence can be more concise, helping to make your writing more impactful,” Google said. “Potentially discriminatory or inappropriate language will be flagged, along with suggestions on how to make your writing more inclusive and appropriate for your audience.”

Like Google’s existing suggestions, you’ll have the option to either accept or reject the suggested language. These suggestions will be on by default, though you’ll have the option to turn it off as well.


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