The States of Meditation

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – understanding Sheet 14
Contd. from understanding sheet 13

“Vitarka vicharanandasmitaroopanugamatsampragnataha”

inside the country of conscious consciousness or sampragnata samadhi, unique logic is followed by means of the appearances of, or revel in of meditation wherein all reviews and thoughts exist, followedvia bliss and the revel in of justi’m’.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #17

what’s the motive of this sâdhana?
Tarka means common sense.

Kutarka method sickintended logic, in which the purpose isn’t proper. good judgment is applied right here with the only motive of locating fault. One is aware of deep internal that it is not proper, howevernevertheless with wrong common sense you show that it’s far proper. this is referred to as kutarka.

Vitarka, wherein your thoughts has a unique good judgment to pursue inside the global and to perceivethe fact.

Now, this understanding of yoga sutras that we’re discussing is vitarka or unique good judgment. what’staking place? Logically, you recognize this expertise. Even reading or speakme about this has a sureimpact on our recognition. It elevates your awareness. that is samâdhi. Sam manner equanimous; Dhi is the mind or this faculty of consciousness that sustains you. Now, we’re in a state of samâdhi becausewe’re speaking about the Self with a precise good judgment.

4 varieties of meditative states or samâdhi
logic can continually exchange. however vitarka is good judgment that can’t be condemned, that cannotbe reversed. for example, if anyone (you are not emotionally linked to) is useless and you are standingthere, it’s miles apparent that they’re useless and you already know that the life that became there is notthere anymore. that is very last. At that second your awareness is in a specific kingdom. Like, while amovie is over, there may be a feelingit’s far throughout’. when humans stroll out of a movie theatre, they walk out in a selected nation of focus. At that second there’s a exact good judgment of their minds,that is irrefutable and irreversible. That triggers for your attention and makes it so obviouslife is like this’.everything is changing and is sure to change, sure to dissolve and disappear. that is obvious. This vitarka elevates one’s focus.

To enjoy this, one does not need to sit down with their eyes closed. in spite of eyes open the sensation of ‘I’ (that focus is all that is) can be skilled.

the entirety is empty. the entirety is in a nation of fluidity. The entire global is just a quantum mechanicalsubject. The entire technological know-how is based totally on tarka or common sense. An irrefutable tarka (of it) is quantum physics. that is vitarka. Vitarkânugama samâdhi is while you are in a meditativenation with irrefutable logical understanding of advent.

There are states of thoughts:

1. thoughts which disturb you.

2. thoughts that don’t disturb you, but clearly hover round on your recognition and you are aware aboutthat. you’re in samâdhi; you are in an equanimous kingdom. at the same time there are thoughtshovering. it is a part of meditation. Smells, attractions, visions, tastes and sounds which come as anexperience when you meditate is known as vichârânugama samâdhi. that is the second one kind ofsamâdhi or focus. A meditative country in which you are with some stories, mind, thoughts, fleetingfeelings hovering round.

The third kind is anandânugama, the glad nation. have you observed that once you do Sudarshan Kriya or any breathing exercise you are in a distinctive space? when you sing bhajans you are in a one-of-a-kind space of samâdhi. The mind remains extended, the recognition remains extended. however it’s miles in ecstasy. Samadhi in ecstasy is anandânugama samâdhi. this is additionally a meditative state inwhich you are in ecstasy.

The fourth meditative country is asmitânugama samadhi. that is in reality the deep experience of meditation where in you do no longer recognise whatever. simply the awarenessyou’re’. just you knowyou are, however you do now not understand who you are, in which you are. not anything else is known. justi’m present’. simply this revel in is the fourth state of samâdhi or meditative revel in.

subsequent week: a way to obtain these meditative states?

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