Vodka is the secret behind Jesinta’s epic skin

She might have that just-married glow, but there’s actually a top secret skin remedy behind Jesinta Campbell’s incredible complexion – and you’ll never believe what’s in it.

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While she might have cupboards jam packed with luxury beauty products, the Aussie model – who pulled off the shock wedding of the year to AFL star Buddy Franklin last week – uses a homemade remedy she swears by.

Jesinta’s secret to glowing skin isn’t what you’d expect. Photo: Instagram/jesinta_franklin

The surprising ingredient?

Triple distilled vodka.

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Jesinta opens up about the unconventional beauty treatment in her new book Live A Beautiful Life, revealing she’s a huge fan of gua sha, “an ancient practice that has been used for centuries to cleanse the body”.

Jesinta comes clean about her secret skin hero in her new book, with readers quick to follow in the model’s footsteps. Photo: Instagram/

After being told about it by a friend who had learnt about it after a visit to Fiji, Jesinta incorporated gua sha into her beauty routine, using it two to three times a week for her gorgeously glowing skin.

“The first time I tried this method my skin was incredibly silky smooth for days afterwards; it was brighter and everyone would comment on my complexion,” Jesinta writes.

There’s no doubt Jesinta would have been using gua sha in the lead up to her wedding with Buddy. Photo: Instagram/markgevans

“I have never used an exfoliant or product that compares to this amazing at-home treatment.”

It’s especially good for breakouts says Jesinta, who admits she wishes she knew about it when she was a teenager suffering from terrible acne.

The model admits she mainly uses it on her face, but you can use it all over your body. Photo: Instagram/jesinta_franklin

“When you apply a gua sha you are accessing right through the layers of skin to give you an amazing cleanse and a chance to get rid of toxins that may be deep within those layers,” she says.


What you need:

Vodka (make sure it’s triple distilled)
Aluminum-free bi-carb soda
Coconut oil
Jar with a lid

Use gua sha in the shower a few times a week to get skin like Jesinta’s. Photo: Instagram/jesinta_franklin



1. Fill about 80 percent of the jar with the bi-carb soda. Add the vodka to the top of the bi-carb, let it absorb through and mix until it has a putty consistency

2. Get into the shower and wet your body. Turn the water off and apply the gua sha mixture all over your body, avoiding private parts – trust me, sister, those areas and vodka do not mix well together.

3. Once the gua sha is applied, get a loofah or body glove and rub in circular motions all over your body. It might tingle a little bit but don’t worry!

4. Once you have exfoliated your entire body, continue showering as you usually would. Make sure you wash off all the gua sha.

5. Towel dry before applying coconut oil from head to toe. Your skin will absorb all of the oil and will feel heavenly and supple for days

Live A Beautiful Life by Jesinta Campbell (Hachette, $35) is out now.

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