This woman got ripped by making ONE simple diet change


GYM BUNNY: Casey Rider honed her abs by cutting out meat and dairy

Casey Rider was always interested in fitness and training at the gym, but found she would frequently suffer from colds and tonsillitis.

Despite making the effort to work out regularly, the 22-year-old suffered from anaemia and had low energy meaning she’d be worn out for days after a gym session.

But after deciding to go vegan a year and a half ago, Casey noticed the positive impact it had on her body goals and overall wellbeing.

The psychology graduate, who was recently crowned UK and Ireland’s Hottest Vegan 2017 by PETA, opened up about how a plant-based lifestyle helped her sculpt her toned body in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online.

Casey said: “Before going vegan I was still interested in fitness and training at the gym and would eat what I considered then to be ‘clean food’ with the occasional chocolate treat on a cheat day.

“Even though I thought I was eating well and was training regularly my energy levels were so low and if I trained I would be exhausted for a good two days meaning I could never really progress quickly with my fitness.

“Being vegan has 100% helped my performance in the gym and my ability to build muscle. It has made me leaner while gaining more muscle mass.

“One thing I’ve really noticed is how much energy I have now and how quick my recovery time is.

“I am also so much stronger than I used to be and I am amazed at how my strength, stamina and recovery time has improved since being vegan and how quickly my body reacts to training.”


PLANT-BASED BABE: Casey has been crowned PETA’S Hottest Vegan of 2017

After cutting out animal-derived products from her diet, Casey shed body fat and started packing on muscle.

She currently does CrossFit three times per week takes aerial silks classes once a week.


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