Yoga at the Olympics : Welcome move

like any competitive recreation which includes gymnastics, yoga postures want grace, fashion, balanceand flexibility. yet yoga has some thing deeper to provide. To many it is a non secular exercise, a pathway to a more profound expertise of lifestyles.

Dinesh Kashikar, senior art Of residing Yoga instructor, stocks his perspectives about getting into yoga pose practice as a competitive sport in Olympics. He feels that this pass will entice greater human beingsto take up yoga and obtain the benefits of ordinary yoga exercise.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s view
Q: humans are speakme approximately bringing yoga to Olympics. What do you feel? must yoga be made a competition?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: sure, without a doubt. For some thing cause, if humans do yoga, i’m happy with that. even though it’s miles a competition on the Olympics, or in college or via the Yogathon event. at least do it. while you do Yoga you will get lots of advantage. It is ideal no matter the reason for which it’s miles completed.
Q: Will yoga lose its first-class and essence if it’s miles made a opposition? Or will it turn out to be extrafamous and benefit many?

Yoga by nature isn’t a opposition or a sport. yet at the equal time such as yoga in Olympics will provide a boost to the field of yoga.

along with yoga inside the Olympics might actually inspire many human beings to practice this philosophy.

an increasing number of participation will supply us yoga icons. as an example, many humans play cricketbecause they may be stimulated via their icons. Many people need their children to play cricket becausethey need to emulate cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar. similarly many people will want their kids totake up yoga.

Yoga fulfills the standards
Any shape of sport which gives entertainment, facilitates us to interrupt our obstacles, cross past. Allthese things are there in performing yoga postures also. It gives pleasure to the man or woman doing it and it’s miles a awesome manner to explore the restriction of human capability. all of the criteria for asport is likewise fulfilled with the aid of yoga. Of route, yoga with the aid of its nature is not competitive.similar to we’ve got amateur football and professional football, why now not same manner we will havenewbie and expert yoga-offs.

Take the Yogathon project
are you able to do 108 sun Salutations?
art of living’s Yogathon is encouraging
humans everywhere in the global to do solar Salutations on international health Day (April 7). those whocarry out 108 Surya Namaskars gets a gold certificates. more than 5 million contributors have already registered with many members from colleges and faculties. 108 Surya Namaskars has emerge as a goalfor plenty and people are working in the direction of that.
Yoga is likewise practiced by using humans from so many exceptional nations and groups. it’s miles forall of us. Yoga fulfils the criteria of a sport. though, as a life-style exercise and philosophy, yoga is plentygreater than a sport.

once I conducted artwork Of dwelling Yoga programs in Japan, many yoga enthusiasts cherished it. They stated, ‘this is what we have been honestly searching out.’ Whichever manner people come to yoga, they could in the end find the real essence of yoga. human beings come to yoga via somethingelse, however then they get the actual taste of yoga. a person who’s in reality enthusiastic will residedeeper into the understanding.

There is lots of difficulty about yoga getting diluted. coming into Olympics gained’t decrease the price of yoga. It’s a treasured present in itself to humanity.

Q: Yoga has many components. it’s miles approximately having a balanced approach in the direction ofeach issue of life. So if we consist of it as a sport, gained’t those elements get compromised?

Yoga is like an ice cream store; you’ve got many flavors. You pick what you want to take. It isn’tcompulsory to take the whole thing. people who want to head deeper and find the real essence, theyanyhow will pass for it. If a person is practising yoga poses for competition, it’s far their desire. And asthe general public have experienced, they may start at the direction of yoga for fitness advantages orenhance their body‘s flexibility, however eventually everyone

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