Mill Churning Pose (Chakki Chalanasana)

Chakki = Grinder, Chalana = to pressure, Asana = Posture or Pose


This yoga posture mimics the movements of a hand-moved wheat grinder, commonplace within the villages of India. It seems to be a fun and first rate exercising for the body!

how to do Mill Churning Pose (Chakki Chalanasana)

sit with your legs splayed apart. Clasp your arms and outstretch your hands at shoulder height in the frontof you.

Take a deep breath in and start moving the top a part of your frame to the front and proper, forming an imaginary circle together with your body.

Inhale as you move forward and to the proper, and exhale as you go backward and to the left.
Tip from the art of dwelling Yoga teachers: Stretch forward from the lower lower back and maintain your legs desk bound. A mild motion inside the legs is natural because the torso rotates. The arms passtogether with the lower back.

hold respiratory deeply and effortlessly even as rotating. Do you feel the stretch in the palms, abs, groin and legs?
Make 5-10 rounds in a single course after which repeat inside the contrary course. Your wheat flour is prepared to be cooked!

benefits of the Mill Churning Pose (Chakki Chalanasana)
a terrific preventive for sciatica
Tones the again, abs and arm muscle tissues
Opens up the chest and groin
Tones the uterine muscles in ladies, so it’s miles very beneficial in preventing painful cycles if practicedregularly
constant exercise enables lessen belly fats
additionally very useful in lowering publishshipping fats (but, please seek advice from your physicianbefore practising this yoga posture)
Contraindications of the Mill Churning Pose (Chakki Chalanasana)
Do not practice this asana in case you are pregnant, have low blood strain, intense lower back painbecause of slip disc, complications or migraine (at some point of the assault), or had a recent stomachsurgical treatment, together with for energetic hernia.



Yoga exercise facilitates develop the frame and thoughts bringing numerous fitness blessings but is not an alternative choice to medication. it is vital to study and practice yoga postures below the supervision of a skilled artwork of dwelling Yoga teacher. In case of any clinical circumstance, practiceyoga postures after consulting a medical doctor and an art of dwelling Yoga instructor. discover an art ofdwelling Yoga course at an artwork of dwelling center near you. Do you need information onpublications or percentage remarks? Write to us at

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