Yoga Is Science, Now not Dogma, Says Vice-President Hamid Ansari

Yoga Is Science, Not Dogma, Says Vice-President Hamid Ansari

Report picture of Vice president Hamid Ansari.
NEW DELHI: Vp Hamid Ansari these days said yoga is “Science, Not dogma” and will supplement healthcare techniques in developing countries, which include India. “It (yoga) is a Technology, No longerdogma. It enables improve the ranges of fitness and the overall fitness profile. Maximum practitioners testify to its usefulness,” Mr Ansari stated after inaugurating a -day global conference on ‘Yoga for Frameand Beyond‘.

The Vp, in his inaugural speech, underlined that yoga was above faith.

“All systems of religion or perception have within them the practice of meditation. The Indian revel in is aparticularly properly example of this, given the rich interaction that happened over centuries inside theareas of notion, consciousness and exercise.

For this reason, we find yoga and meditation in Jain and Buddhist practices; in addition, notablesignificance is hooked up to meditation in Christianity, Islam and Sikhism. The convergence or parallelisms are placing even though rituals or modalities of enunciation can also range,” he stated.

Enumerating the financial value of sickhealth, Ansari said many developing nations, which includeIndia, that can’t augment public fitness investment have to search for complementary fitness processes, like yoga.

“Given the lack of ability or unwillingness to reinforce public fitness funding in developing international locations (and that consists of India), the hunt for complementary health methods assumes an urgency.Amongst those is yoga, which has acquired a following worldwide.”

AYUSH Minister Shripad Yesso Naik stated, “Yoga would not constitute any religion or area. Probable,that is the cause 177 nations out of 193 UN member states had Now not simplest supported the idea ofaffirming twenty first June as global Yoga Day but also co-subsidized it.”

Seventy worldwide delegates from 32 countries are collaborating inside the two-day conference, whichchanged into also attended through yoga guru Ramdev.

At the event, Mr Ansari gave away certificates to the winners of ‘Exceptional Yoga Apparels’ and ‘GreatYoga Geet’. Top Minister Narendra Modi, too, at the event of worldwide Yoga Day, had sought to distance yoga from religion and called it a “zerofinances medical health insurance scheme”.

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