Yoga… shifting beyond Asanas

We regularly use the word ‘yoga’ to intend ‘yoga asana’. the general public consider yoga as an act that contorts the body into a human pretzel. however, yoga is lots more than just asana. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, concerning the practice of yoga, mirror this distinction in reality. only three of the 196 sutras (aphorisms) in Patanjali talk approximately postures (asanas). which means yoga encompasses a whole lot greater than just bodily exercising.

human beings the world over also are steadily waking up to this cognizance. Poonam from Mumbaishares how a consultation of artwork of dwelling Yoga transformed her outlook towards this exercise. “i was averse to yoga, questioning it was only an exercising and bodily exertion. in the course of aelement-2 route, the morning yoga periods had been superb. It become then that I came to look that it ispast exercising and postures: a dance, a calm rhythm. And the quality element was the Shavasana (Corpse pose), ending in complete rest/meditation.

brief pointers to transport past asanas

Use specific rhythms of the breath whilst shifting inside and out of asanas
Coordinate your asanas with interest or awareness. at the same time as lifting your palms, each inch of theway be fully conscious that you are lifting your arms up.
pass from one posture to another posture in slow movement practice; experience it like a dance.
Wrap up your yoga practice with yoga nidra followed by way of meditation
Get the yogic mindset and pass past yoga asanas
The objective of doing yoga asanas and practices isn’t just to live suit and hold the body in form. they may be a crucial tool to deliver the body, breath, and thoughts collectively in concord. How?

let’s do this now…
respiratory out, bring your chin to touch the chest.
inhaling, lightly roll your head to the proper shoulder and again.
respiration out, gently roll your head to the left shoulder and produce your chin to the chest.
Repeat this 3 times in clockwise and then anti-clockwise course.
where do you experience the stretch: at the neck, shoulder, or back? It isn’t always essential to do pretzel-like postures or stand to your head to revel in the benefits of yoga. Even a simple neck roll, accomplishedwith whole consciousness and a touch interest on the breath, can lead you to that happy experience!

using particular rhythms of the breath, moving in and transferring out of the asana, links the breath and the body; keeping attention on wherein the stretch is taking place links the mind. even as you have been doing this easy head roll, did you worry approximately the beyond or the future, about what you willhave for lunch or dinner, or about looking a flat stomach? those are all things in the past or within thedestiny; they are now not right here proper now.

Union of the body, breath, and mind facilitates you stay within the present momentadmire and liveevery second absolutely. this is the true essence of yoga.

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