Yoga and meals

whilst weight loss program is inaccurate medication is of no use.
whilst food plan is accurate medicine is of no want.
~Ayurvedic Proverb

‘Isn’t it enough just to practice the Yoga asanas/ poses, do I have to alter my food?’ marvel many. In itself,training Yoga asanas is one of the maximum beneficial regimes, however whilst complemented with thehealthful food conduct, it could clearly create wonders. In reality, eating the right food is an critical a part of residing a Yogic existence.

What we consume, no longer simplest impacts our bodily properly being, but also our emotions andmind. Yoga, does not dissect meals into proteins, carbohydrates or fat, rather it classifies them in keeping with the effect they have on the body and mind, into three sorts – satva, rajas and tamas. Tamasic mealsis the kind of food which makes us torpid or slow, while Rajasic food is that which brings about hobby or restlessness. while, Sattvic food is the kind which makes you sense mild, active and enthusiastic.

Sattvic foods are the ones which purify the frame and calm the thoughts They stimulate the body and mindinto motion. In excess, those ingredients can reason hyperactivity, restlessness, anger, irritability, and sleeplessness Tamasic food are the ones which dull the mind and bring about inertia, confusion and disorientation
Cooked meals this is ate up within three4 hours can be considered sattvic Overly tasty foods are Rajasic Stale or reheated food, oily or heavy food and meals containing artificial preservatives fall underneath thisclass
Examples – clean end result, green leafy greens, nuts, grains, fresh milk , certain spices Examples – spicymeals, onion, garlic, tea, coffee, fried food instance – Non vegetarian weight loss program, stale food,excessive intake of fats, oil, sugary food

now not just the right kind of meals, it’s miles crucial to consume the proper quantity of food on theproper time. Overindulging ends in lethargy at the same time as beneath ingesting will now not offerenough nourishment. most of the times we recognise that our stomach is complete however temptedwith the aid of the flavor buds we tend to indulge. The right quantity of meals can not be quantified into cups or grams, while we concentrate to our frame attentively we will realize when exactly to prevent!

we would devour the right type of food within the right amount but if we are abnormal with our timings then the entire gadget is going for a toss and the natural rhythm of the body is hampered. therefore it is oftop significance to eat food on the equal time normal and consume it at everyday periods.

it’s miles said that the country of the mind of the individual cooking/ ingesting also impacts the food. The power inside the food cooked with the aid of someone even as he/she changed into irritated willsimply be lower than that of a person who cooked it with a feeling of affection, contentment and gratitude.paying attention to some soothing tune or chanting even as cooking and ingesting can assist retain the Prana (lifestyles force power) inside the food.

Yoga additionally prescribes a extra personalized weight loss plan according to the nature of ourconstitution. food that might be favorable for someone might be harmful for a person of some othercharter. it’s miles nice to consult an Ayurvedic medical doctor to determine what kind of meals isessential for you and which have to be prevented. it’s miles in reality worthwhile to pay a few attentionto the food that we consume as the ancient Indian texts say that we are what we consume!

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