21 Awkward Date testimonies a good way to Make You want to cover for all time

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Leaving the residence is already hard enough. however to go away the residence and then deal with an ungainly, weird date for which there’s no clean out? Nightmare.

We trolled Reddit for some of the most God-awful date tales (in part to make ourselves sense higherabout being exquisite single.) right here are 21 of absolutely the worst ones.

“We talked about avocados for an hour as it changed into the most effective issue we had in common.”


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“I notion it changed into a date, and she thought it was dinner.”

“I concept it become just putting out, and he or she idea it become a date. In my protection … Sheadded her brother. Then later [she] got mad at me for no longer creating a circulate.”

“We met up at a nearby burger joint, and he didn’t say a single word. I asked questions, and he respondedwith head nods and from time to time a snigger it really is more like a release of air. i used to be quitepositive he hated me, so I instructed him i was just going to move domestic. it’s whilst he ultimatelyspoke. He requested me why and told me to delight stay … so I did, after which he continued to sit down in silence. searching back now I comprehend he become just nervous however, guyon thetime I really idea that I must had been horrible to be round. update: we’ve got been collectively for twoyears, and he definitely talks to me now.”

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i discovered out at some stage in that she changed into surely married. not even legally separated.”

“He thought it apt to bring up the problem of STDs; particularly, which have been the most normal in our neck of the woods and which ones had no signs.”

“I instructed her i love to journey and don’t forget it a interest. She replies with, ‘That can’t be a hobby, and it doesn’t take skill to travel.’ She instructed me she works at a bakery. I said, ‘i really like pink velvet cupcakes; they may be the high-quality.’ She proceeds to roll her eyes and say i’m much like each personelse who would not know a thing about cupcakes and baking. I advised her i really like to play volleyball. She tells me her college wasted space constructing a sand volleyball courtroom. and so on, and many others.”

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“All he stored speakme approximately changed into weed. How much he loves it, how an awful lot he does it, how remarkable it’s miles. It become simply weed weed weed.”

midway thru the date she stated her boyfriend, whom i used to be unaware of. I ask if he knows she’s on a date with me and she or he says, ‘Oh, it is cool – he’s in Iraq right now, so he doesn’t understand or care.'”


“I went on a date with a lady from OkCupid. things started out off satisfactory, the communication turned into flowing nicely, and we each people seemed pretty into it. Then, out of nowhere, she says, ‘OH MY GOD stop looking AT ME!'”

“He complained approximately how tall i used to be actually in the first minute, and for the hour the date lasted felt it essential to criticize essentially each aspect of my being, from the coloration of my skirt (‘Doyou believe you studied black makes you look thinner or some thing?’) to my preferred televisionindicates (‘I cannot agree with anyone likes that s—.’). i stopped up ditching him in the middle.”

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“She requested me if i might try to fight a person off or seize a bullet for her on the first date. withoutthinking, I said, ‘Hell no, you should be out your rattling thoughts.’ She were given offended and weeach ate our burritos in silence.”

“I reconnected with a woman i was friends with a few years before and went to her condo for drinks and afilm. at the same time as there, she confessed to me that once I in no way made a circulate on her, shedeveloped an ingesting disorder, went to/got kicked out of rehab and turned into essentially an alcoholic.”

“He took me to Arby’s.”

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“The woman confirmed up about 15 mins past due, but neither folks noticed, so we both stood outsidethis pizza vicinity for an additional 10 minutes or so. when we got in, I provided to grab her a slice andsome thing to drink, or something she desired, however she stated no and just sat down at a table. as soon as I got my food and sat down, she got up and purchased her very own drink. Then we essentiallysat in awkward semi-silence even as I ate.”

“After the date, he became riding me home, did a silly, illegal move and got pulled over. He determined to run from the police (with me inside the car). He attempted to drag into a driveway and disguise, but theyfound us. Aaaanyway, they put us each in handcuffs whilst they searched the auto. They ended up giving me a experience home and took him to prison. seemingly it became a stolen vehicle. I never saw himagain, as he turned into extradited to every other country for exquisite warrants.”


“I went to go choose a man up, and he and his pal were popping up heroin in his dwelling room. Then hegot mad at me for being ‘closed-minded.'”

i was seeing a man who might continuously inform me approximately memes he noticed at theinternet. At one factor, he told me approximately this strolling dead meme and attempted to expose me a photograph of it whilst we were out having dinner. I told him I didn’t watch the show, so I would notapprehend it nor find it funny. but he decided to show me the meme in any case.”

the fellow informed me that I ‘shouldn’t have worn heels for him’ because i was strolling ‘like a dog thata person had put socks on.'”

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“I went to the movies with this guy my buddy set me up with – we noticed The woman with the Dragon Tattoo. not anything like sitting next to an almost-stranger watching anal rape scenes.”

“I met my date at a wine bar questioning we have been going to have a regular character date. mattershad been going ordinary till he pulled out his Bible and started out analyzing me all the elements whereina woman‘s location is serving men.”

Posts have been edited for length and clarity from Reddit.

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