The FaceTory Sheet-Mask Subscription Service Brings Your Favorite Skin-Care Treatment to Your Doorstep

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If your idea of a Sunday well-spent involves indulging in a hydrating sheet mask and a tall glass of wine (like these A-listers), brace yourselves: a sheet-mask subscription service, actually exists—with a goal to keep your skin uber-moisturized 365 days a year. Didn’t catch that? A Korean beauty company, FaceTory, will literally send you a handful of good-for-your-skin treatments to try every month with virtually no strings attached. (Um, where do we sign up?)

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FaceTory, a new-to-the-market skin-care subscription service (not be confused with our popular Beauty Box), gives lovely, skin-obsessed people (like, you and I) the gift of sheet masks to last you the whole month through—delivered straight to your door.

How does it work? If you’ve got $5 burning a hole in your pocket, consider yourself already locked in. Once you fill out an easy-peasy form to officially start your subscription to the service, you’ll be charged $4.95 on the first of each month, plus a 99 cent shipping fee. (That’s what, one less early-morning coffee shop trip for your go-to grande triple soy latte? I think you’ll survive with the freebie office dredge one day a month.) Then, in each month’s box, you’ll find a variety of four treatments—I should also mention, there’s a seven-pack option for $14.95, free shipping—all hand-picked by the FaceTory pros.

As for our faves? The adorable, plant-based Oozoo Bear Water-Bang Hydrating Mask, the Wonjin Effect 3 Step Water Bomb, which promises to hydrate, brighten, and target fine lines, and the sea kelp-spiked Chung Woo-A Real Sea Kelp Mask made to target trouble zones like dark spots and breakouts. And let’s say you use one of the masks you’re sent, and it turns out that’s the mask that completely changes your skin game forever. Well? The month after they appear in the box, each mask is available for purchase individually from $3 to $7 right on the site. So it’s not like each mask is a one-time shot, that is, unless you want it to be.

Ok, so now that you’ve heard it all, how good does the FaceTory sheet-mask subscription service sound? Pretty tempting, right? If you’re afraid of commitment (#nojudgment), you can also just log on and buy any mask individually just to see what the deal is. And if you start getting sheet mask overload once you’ve subscribed, canceling is free and easy at any point. FaceTory, I think I love you.


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