FitQuiz: Do You Know The Basics of Skin Care?

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Everyone wants radiant and glowing skin. But not everyone knows how to take care of skin. What activities make skin look dull? How often should you wash your face? What is the best sunscreen to use? There are a ton of products you can apply, but how do you know the ones that are right for you? Take the FitQuiz and find out how to keep your skin healthy.

1.Your forehead, nose, and chin are referred to as?
2.Which one of these is a proper order for facial cleansing?
3. Which one of these may pose a bacterial threat to the skin?
4.______ restores pH balance of the skin and removes traces of oil, dirt and make-up.
5. Sunscreen over SPF ___ or above is recommended for Indian skin tones.
6. How often should you replace your mascara?
7. Which one of these is a cause of premature wrinkles?


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