Guava leaves can help to prevent hair loss

Guava leaves can help to prevent hair loss

Let us tell you that with the leaves of guava you can overcome a great problem. This problem is also such that due to which you have to feel ashamed many times a day and the problem is hair loss. Let you know that with the leaves of guava you can remove hair loss problem.

Do this experiment

For this, first take guava leaves and a bowl and boil it by adding water to the water for 20 minutes and then let it cool till it gets into room temperature. Keep in mind that while you use it, nothing is done in your hair, so wash your hair before applying it. With this, when your hair is dry completely, massage the skull for 10 minutes with this water and keep in mind that it will look good. Doing this improves body circulation that is right for your hair.

There are many more solutions

When this is done with this, then try to apply it in the roots. Also keep it in the hair for 2 hours and clean it with towel and sleep. Then wash it with lukewarm water in the morning and keep in mind that do not use hot water. If you have a problem of hair fall, then do it three times a week, this will gradually show you the difference.


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