Trying the keto diet? Beware of this not-so-pleasant effect

Trying the keto diet? Beware of this not-so-pleasant effect

The ketogenic diet is here to stay, as there are more and more catering services offering the high-fat, low-carb meal plan.

While a side effect known as “keto breath” is widely reported, less talked about is the “keto crotch”.

Keto breath is when your breath smells like acetone, commonly used in nail polish remover. Keto crotch is, well, when your crotch starts to emit a strong odor. Specifically, it is an odor originating from the vagina.

Women’s health expert Jennifer Wider told HelloGiggles that keto crotch was not in the medical books, nor had it been confirmed by science. However, some women reported that their vagina emitted a strong smell after practicing a keto diet, according to Women’s Health magazine.“People may have keto diet breath, which some people describe as smelling like nail polish remover,” she said. “At the same time, your crotch may emit an odor based on diet choices and an altered vaginal pH from the diet.”

Further, Wider revealed that foods could change the odor of a bodily fluid. Since the keto diet is a rather drastic change from our normal diet, which usually includes a lot of carbs, the food composition might impact the vaginal pH and thus the smell.

Some women on Reddit noted that the smell disappeared once their bodies adjusted to the keto diet. However, if you’re experiencing other symptoms such as itching, you should go see a doctor. (dev/kes)


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