HAIR TO THE THRONE Prince William looks EIGHT YEARS older due to his hair loss – the trait that ‘ages men fastest’

David Beckham Presents Modern Essentials Collection by H&MPRINCE William looks a staggering eight years older – because of his thinning hair, experts claim.

The heir to the throne has the appearance of a 42-year-old man – even though he is only 34 – because balding ages men more than any other physical trait, adding up to eight years on to the age of sufferers.


Prince William is one of the UK’s most famous men to suffer from male pattern baldness

Greying hair adds seven years, with excess weight, having man boobs and sporting a moustache all following suit, each adding an average of two years.

The findings came from a survey of 1,000 people by Crown Clinic in Manchester, one of Britain’s top hair transplant centres.

It means a silver-haired star like George Clooney would look 48, rather than his real age of 55, if he were to start dying his hair.

Likewise, because having a full beard puts five years on the age of men, a 41-year-old David Beckham would look 36 if he were to have a shave.

The fourth biggest ageing factor was having a goatee which ages men by four years.

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His famous grey hair adds years to George Clooney’s image


Bearded ex-footballer David Beckham adds on the years with his hipster facial hair

This means that Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio looks 37 when he is clean shaven but his real age of 41 when he is sporting a goatee.

The fifth biggest ageing factor is being heavily unshaven, like Simon Cowell on the X Factor, which ages men by three years.

So, Cowell would look 54 if he shaved rather than his real (unshaven) age of 57.

England football captain Wayne Rooney is 31 but would have the looks of a 39-year-old if he had not take steps to address his baldness.

Hair transplant surgeon Asim Shahmalak from Crown Clinic said: “Nothing ages a man faster than losing his hair.


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