Meditation influences the advent

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – know-how Sheet sixteen
Contd. from knowledge sheet 15

“Bhavapratyayo videhaprakrutilayanam”

That which is due to this existence (i.e., you meditating in this degree of life) also affects individuals who do not have a body and those who’ve merged with nature.
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #19

This is going more into an esoteric line. Samadhi isn’t the assets of just this level of lifestyles. It surpasses this degree. It is going into the opposite worlds too. people who do no longer have a frame, they too canget tormented by meditation. when you meditate, you are not just bringing concord within yourself, butyou’re influencing the subtle layers of the advent and the subtle our bodies of all the unique levels of lifeinside the advent. So your meditation affects the ones individuals who lived a hundred years in the past. Their recognition and their minds are affected. And additionally it influences the minds andrecognition of those who would stay inside the future. that is due to the fact existence is countless.although lifestyles is in every moment, it’s also endless. Your lifestyles has been right here from lots of years and your existence will stay right here for hundreds of years.

unique sort of Yogis
One is called Videha means one who does no longer have a frame. Videha is knowing that: ‘i am no longer the body; i have a frame; this is my frame, yet i am now not the body.’ you may walk feeling asalthough you haven’t any body and the mind is in this sort of state of equanimity. and people who donow not have a body, they also come beneath the affect of yoga.

The equal is with Prakruti laya, those who are absolutely submerged in nature. in addition they acquirethe equal kingdom of equanimity. have you ever had this experience? whilst you have a look at water in a lake and the waves within the water, it truly is all (the water within the lake and the waves inside thewater) that stands. No thoughts, no mind, no frame, no cognizance. this is Prakruti laya Samadhi — you are merging with nature at that second. but when you are doing that the mind says, ‘Oh! this is water. What am I doing? I ought to higher use my time doing something else.’ you then aren’t dissolving in nature.

either you are absolutely not aware about the fabric international (videha – non cognizance of theframe, of environment, of conditions, so immersed within the Self) or completely immersed inside theitem of the arena. together with your eyes closed you are absolutely immersed – at that moment alsoyou’re in samadhi (in the country of meditation) or while you’re looking and gazing nature.

Prakruti laya is a large exercise. For hours together, for years together people sit down in solitude simplylooking nature until all mind disappear.

And all that they may be left with is vacancy. you can do this as an experiment when you are veryconcerned. just sit down by means of a flowing river and keep looking on the water. within few moments you feel as though your mind is being pulled in the course of water flow. then you definitely sit on the opposite bank and watch, then you will see your mind is being pulled within the other direction.

Patanjali says this stuff healthy certain humans at certain times. It isn’t always a practice you doregular. At positive time for certain people, these items create samadhi.

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