A look inside Martin County Sheriff’s eye in the sky

Martin County Sky force show CBS 12 how it all works.

When the sun goes down, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit are hovering from above.

They’re the eye in the sky, even when you think they’re not around.

According to investigators, four men were arrested after their sky crew spotted them stealing mail out of mailboxes around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday.

MCSO Air 1 helicopter crew members spotted the thieves, and immediately contacted ground units who swiftly placed the four under arrest.

In the dead of night, these deputy pilots look for crime from above, rather than wait for it to happen.

CBS12 got an exclusive look at their proactive operations that landed those four thieves in handcuffs.

“There is a lot going on in that cockpit that more than anybody will ever understand,” said Deputy Sheriff Edward Stagmiller, MCSO Tactical Flight Officer.

The crime-fighting air team nabbed the four crooks using modern technology, like an infrared camera.

“What caught my eye specifically was that the subject was hanging out on the back left window, actually reaching into a mailbox,” said Deputy Stagmiller.

Deputy Stagmiller said they are in the air at least 600 hours a year.

“We’ve come across drug deals,” said Deputy Stagmiller. “Vehicle and residential burglaries. You never know what we’re going to stumble upon.”

For those who think they can get away, think again.

Just know there are more people watching you than what you see on the ground.

“It’s interesting to see what people are doing when they think they’re not being watched,” said Deputy Stagmiller.

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