This Scientific Breakthrough May Hold the Secret to Reversing Hair Loss

reversing hair loss
If you’re starting to notice some signs of aging, like hair loss or low energy, listen up. Scientists in the Netherlands might have just figured out how to reverse a couple of the most dreaded symptoms of aging. And, no, they didn’t just discover the Fountain of Youth. According to an article published in Science Alert, researchers have developed a new “peptide therapy” that may reverse hair loss and decreased stamina that occur as a result of aging.

According to the article, the new therapy targets senescent cells, which are damaged cells that no longer divide or do anything beneficial for the body, but are still metabolically active. As we age, we acquire more of these cells, which cause a variety of health problems. Simply put, when these cells get damaged, they refuse to die and instead just take up space and cause a lot of the detrimental symptoms associated with aging, including hair loss and a drop in stamina.

The therapy has had impressive lab results involving mice. According to the article, “After the peptide was administered, the effects in the mice were dramatic: missing fur reappeared, kidney function improved, and the treated animals were able to run twice as far as the untreated control group.”

The peptide therapy has not been tested on humans yet, so it’s still a little to early to say that this is the “magic pill” we’ve been waiting for. In the meantime, there are some things you can do now to help with hair loss, like adding these foods to your diet or checking if your hair products are actually the culprits thinning your locks. And if you’re feeling low on energy, here are a few good tips to help with that now.


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