‘lower back FROM THE lifeless’ Miracle cancer drug SAVES guy given weeks to stay

Simon Lamont-Brown laying on the hospice bed

service provider seaman Simon Lamont-Brown, 50, was bedridden in a hospice and near loss of life from lung most cancers before he became given the step forward remedy.

He stated it turned into like a Lazarus effectdue to the fact I simply rose from the lifeless”.

The drug has few aspect outcomes as it harnesses the body’s personal immune device to fight tumours.

Nivolumab has had “wonderfulachievement combating endstage lung cancer in trials, experts say. it is also powerful towards different cancers.

however it’s going to no longer be furnished on the NHS because it expenses an excessive amount of. The country wide Institute for scientific Excellence has determined no longer to approve it for instantuse.

Mr Lamont-Brown last night time said his anger.

He said: “What charge is a life? The truth that i was able to use this drug is tinged with guilt due to the factI recognise different people with lung most cancers will not have the equal chance as I did.

“It have to be made available to absolutely everyone who should gain.”

Simon Lamont-Brown laying at the hospice mattress
He become bedridden in a hospice and close to death from lung cancer earlier than he changed intogiven the treatment
Mr Lamont-Brown, of Maidstone in Kent, best obtained the drug because it was paid for by means of hispersonal healthcare coverage.

inside 10 days of taking nivolumab he commenced to experience better and was quickly taking walksonce more.

Days later he become nicely sufficient to move home and after 10 months ordinary scans confirmed his tumour had shriveled dramatically.

the daddy-of-one says he’s now “feeling first-rate” and “dwelling a regular lifestyles.” He introduced: “My oncologist called it ‘the Lazarus effectbecause I just rose from the dead.”

Lung cancer professional Professor Dean Fennel, of the university of Leicester, said: “The scientific gainof this drug is unquestionable for all patients and for a few the outcomes had been first rate.”

He said he turned intoextremely disenchantedat the excellent selection, adding: “the UK can be in the back of other nations due to this decision, in particular as sufferers accomplish that properly on this drug which has now not were given the probably existence-threatening side consequences of chemotherapy.”

Paula Chadwick, leader government of lung most cancers charity, the Roy fortress basis, stated: “Nivolumab represents real hope.

“We strongly urge communicate between the manufacturer, fine and NHS England to ensure pricetroubles are addressed.”

Simon Lamont-Brown
inside 10 days of taking nivolumab, Mr Lamont-Brown began to feel better and became quickly walkingagain
Mr Lamont-Brown was recognized with lung most cancers in February ultimate 12 months after travelinghis GP with a hoarse voice.

Scans confirmed he had lung cancer that had unfold, to his vocal cords and lymph nodes.

He had five rounds of chemotherapy which stopped being powerful closing July. His health then wentswiftly downhill. His professional gave him two weeks to stay and he became sent to a hospice.

He stated: “I ought to rarely walk, i was so debilitated through ache even though i used to be on morphine. one of the worst moments become a day when the nurse requested me if I wanted to head for a stroll – she helped me rise up. I got 10 yards however had to ask her to take me back as I couldn’t crossany farther.”

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however, his expert suggested he attempted the nivolumab. He had his first route on his 50th birthdayultimate August.

After a 2nd he began to sense higher and asked to go domestic.

“I couldn’t trust it,” he stated, “I had informed my buddies I wished a miracle and that i’ve had one.”

A draft ruling by way of first-rate has ruled against investment the drug for NHS sufferers. A final choicemight be made in June.

professionals say a terrible decision for lung cancer sufferers could suggest the drug might not be funded within the future for different cancers that it could treat, inclusive of blood, bladder and kidney tumours.

Simon Lamont-Brown with mother
the father-of-one says he’s now “feeling pleasant” and “living a regular life
Pharmaceutical company BristolMyers Squibb, which created the drug, has presented to pay for nivolumab for sufferers when they were funded by way of the NHS for greater than a yr.

Professor Carole Longson, director of the centre for fitness generation assessment at first-rate, said: “Werealise that nivolumab is a promising new treatment.

great already recommends different treatments for lung cancer – docetaxel and nintedanib – which aremore price effective than nivolumab at its modern-day pricing.

“The choices for lung cancer aren’t yet final. we are open to further dialogue.”

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