while you say Om, the prana is overall, whole

saha = that, He; eshaha = this, here; purvesham = of the ancients (of folks that lived earlier than); api = too; guruhu= master; kalena = time; anavachchedat = no longer being confined via.

he is the master of folks who lived before too as he isn’t always confined through time.” – Patanjali Yoga Sutra #26

This being, cognizance is the Guru, is the manual even to individuals who had been there before. there isno breakage of time as a long way as it’s miles concerned. there’s some thing in the Bible about that? “i used to be earlier than Abraham. I taught folks who were earlier than him.” The identical componentKrishna also says, “i have taught Ikshvāku and Manu” and Arjuna says, “Come on, don’t tell me that. Theywere born long in the past and you’re with me now, present day to me. How could you have taught thosehuman beings?” Arjuna says, “i’m terribly careworn already. Don’t inform me this stuff. you are Guru toany person before you, lots of years in the past before you. How is it feasible?”

Then Krishna says, “Come on. appearance, you do not understand me. See i’ve come so oftentimes and you’ve got come so generally. you’ve got forgotten and that i are aware of it all. i’ve taught then, i’mteaching now also. i can preserve to teach in the destiny also.” That ‘I’ is the identical, that Guruprinciple is the equal due to the fact there’s no breakage of time. It continues. Jesus is continuing viaout . It is not that he stopped, broken and somewhere. humans suppose “Oh! He is going to come backinside the destiny sometime”. Pūrveshāmapi guruhu – he changed into the master of those who werebefore due to the fact there may be no breakage of time.

“Tasya vachakaha pranavaha’’

tasya = Him; vachakaha = connoted; pranavaha = Om.
he is called the pranava, Om.” – Patanjali Yoga Sutra #27

What do you call the consciousness wherein the all-knowing seed is gift? How do you address it? Patanjali says “Om is the closest sound that it is able to be addressed with. while you say Om, the prana, the focus is entire. Om is the mixture of ‘Aa’, ‘Oo’ and ‘Mm’. whilst you say ‘Aa’, the prana is within thedecrease portion of the frame. while you say ‘Oo’, it’s miles within the middle portion and when you say ‘Mm’, the prana moves to the upper element. when you say Om, the prana is total, complete. Aaa Ooo, mmm, have you experimented that in your body? Om is the sound that’s so unique, that is the closestsound that could be used to cope with the totality of cognizance. All religions in the world have some thing very close to Om. Christianity has ‘Amen’ and Islam has ‘Ameen’. that is why Om is the sound which is conventional by way of all religions within the global. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, some thing faiththat is there within the international, they all have a word which is Om or very close to Om. Om is one sound which comes very near this totality of awareness. All different names are just the outer edge.

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