One-pointed thoughts is pleasure

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – expertise Sheet 27
Contd. from know-how sheet 26

Now, how to eliminate those barriers?


tat = their; pratisheda = prevention; artham = for; eka = one; tattva = precept; abhyasaha = practice
for his or her prevention, practice one precept.”
– Patanjali Yoga Sūtra 32

To take away them just do one aspect: beat the bush. just go on beating it. Do just one thing, one-pointedattention in one issue. What takes place whilst you keep doing one aspect? Boredom comes, restlessness will surface. The restlessness and boredom take you to a top that brings clarity. this is themost effective way out. Our thoughts is because it is residing on duality. It has choice, so it is greaterharassed, ‘ought to I try this? should I now not try this?’ And it is leaping all round the place. This and that! And the mind is similarly divided. Divided thoughts is distress. And one-pointed mind is pleasure and all those moments if you have been very satisfied, if you would have noticed what happiness is, it’s milesthe mind turning into one whole. It turns into so overall, so much collectively; then you definitely haveexperienced pleasure in life, peace in lifestyles, bliss in lifestyles. then you have skilled existence itselfdefinitely. Duality and divided mind is the reason of fear and misery. There also in case you do matters or too many things, it is not eka tattvābhyāsa. It is not one exercise.

So what’s the eka tattva?
getting to one principle: that one principle could be God, might be a count number, may be Guru, may be Self, will be anything! but eka tattva abhyāsa – exercise one element! then you recover from all theselimitations. these types of 9 boundaries can be gotten rid of most effective if there may be a positiveamount of calmness in the thoughts, subtleness inside the mind. this will be finished. in any other case, even that does not seem to be feasible. is not it? in one-pointedness there has to be a sure diploma of calmness inside the mind. you notice that one principle in everybody. Oneself – myself is present in all and sundry. it is my master that is present everywhere. there is no person aside from my master; he iseverything for me or God is the whole lot for me. it’s far all me most effective. there is nothing other than this. Like this holding on to 1 precept and due to the fact that one principle in the whole thing. that is the skill in lifestyles.

Our existence is lived within the realm of multiplicity. in the world you stay with many people and now notevery body is the same. however how will you see the equal factor in every body? not anythingappears to be the same. No two humans look like the same. however, here we are saying, see onefactor in all and sundry, appearance and recognition on that one principle. How is it viable? Then hestated, “k i can give you one extra sūtra.”

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