solar Salutation Mantras – Love track to the solar

add the mind-set of gratitude on your sun Salutation practice with solar salutation mantras. it’s whilethrough Surya Namaskar, you may honor now not most effective the sun but also the complete Nature. (Honoring the advent brings in a sense of sacredness for your yoga exercise.)

I stand on my yoga mat, getting ready to begin my sun Salutation exercise. My arms are folded in the front of my chest, in prayer function. I chant the primary mantra for sun Salutation, my palms move up and then as I recite the second one solar salutation mantra, they arrive down and contact the floor, as ifbowing to this better electricity – the sun. i have a gentle smile on my face as I carry on with every sunSalutation (Surya Namaskar) posture and coordinate it with a mantra recital. My whole Surya Namaskarexercise turns sacred. this is what mantra chants can do to the solar Salutation practice, that couldotherwise appear to be a physical workout meant to shed pounds or stretch and tone the muscle groups.

certain, sounds true, you are saying. however what are 12 sun Salutation mantras?
Mantras talk to a combination of syllables, sounds, or terms, which may be chanted or sung. In case of sunSalutation, they’re sung in reward of the sun. Chanting mantras extends solar Salutation advantages; it hasdiffused yet penetrating outcomes on each mind and body. There are 12 mantras which rewarddistinctive traits of sun and upload a profound non secular touch to the complete practice.

how to chant the sun Salutation mantras?
The most effective rule to do not forget is to chant them with gratefulness. every solar salutation mantra has a particular which means, however it isn’t always essential to delve into what every mantra method.

as an example, Om Bhaanve Namaha methodone who brings light‘. when you recite this mantra,experience a sense of deep gratitude to the sun for giving us mild and making lifestyles viable on earth.similarly, addressing the solar as a pal with the chant, Om Mitraaya Namaha, where we observe thissparkling ball as our pal.

a way to consist of mantras in Surya Namaskar?
you can either chant the sun salutation mantras verbally or for your thoughts.

Now let’s examine how you could chant the mantras whilst doing the sun Salutation series. One set ofsolar Salutation contains two rounds – one with the proper leg, one with the alternative. it’s milespreferably recommended to exercise 12 units of solar Salutation daily. but you could select your ownwide variety, in keeping with what seems comfy. if you pick out to do 6 units or greater, chant one mantra each at the start of every new series. Recite the primary mantra as you begin one set, end the two rounds in that set and then start the following set with the second mantra and so forth. This way,you would have chanted 12 mantras with 12 units of sun Salutation.

if you practice less than 12 rounds of sun Salutation – 2 or 4you could recite one mantra each witheach posture within the sequence. this will make it 12 solar Salutation mantras similar to 12 poses of Surya Namaskar.

It is a great concept to chant those 12 sun Salutation Mantras with the proper intonations. you couldexamine the correct mantra chanting together with the video.

include these 12 mantras in your daily practice of Surya Namaskar and feel a feel of oneness with thesolar.

(based totally on inputs by means of Krishan Verma and Dinesh Kashikar. Written by Pritika Nair.)

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