teach and ignore folks who do sinful acts

teach and forget about individuals who do sinful acts

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – understanding Sheet 31
Contd. from knowledge sheet 30

ignore individuals who do sinful acts – ‘upeksha’. If any individual says a few untruth, just brush it off. It is not well worth considering them. We do the reverse, we do not consider people who do meritorious actshowever we hold thinking about folks that do sinful matters. We do no longer forget about them. Wekeep chewing on it.

In all of the newspapers there are large reports approximately somebody who devoted a murder or a fewheinous act. Their entire tale and their photograph seems in the paper. Of course, nowadays people arestarting to write some superb stories approximately human beings. however relatively little or no, isn’t it? So whilst you see humans doing sinful matters, educate them and forget about them.

no longer just ignoring, however teaching
You educate them out of compassion and ignore them. in any other case you maintain that during yourthoughts and begin demanding. you think any person is imperfect and also you keep thinking about it: “they are imperfect, they are imperfect.” and also you end up imperfect yourself. You are no better than them, you are equally imperfect. you are even worse than that character. you think that the individual is inaccurate. you believe you studied you’re proper? simply inspect you, your acts are worse than thatindividual‘s. keep in mind some thing: when you point a finger at any person, “You made a mistake”, 3fingers are pointing toward you. you’re three times greater accountable.

but in case you prevent announcing you, me, then you switch inwards and it’s miles one. The completelecture might be in silence. now not you, not simply me, but all. this is all. that is yoga, which unites this, this, this and this!

Maitrikaruna muditopekshanam sukhadukhapunyapunyavishayanam bhavanataschitta prasadanam

Patanjali knew thoroughly that humans have such emotions. He knows that the thoughts can’t have thesame feeling in the direction of all of us all of the time. emotions hold changing and emotions can beadvanced. So he said, have these feelings: friendliness, compassion, joy and happiness and forget aboutsinful things. Be detached – upeksha – to sinful matters.

on this way, the chitta, your mind, is quality – ‘chitta prasādanam’ – gracious. in the gracious thoughts, one becomes one-pointed very easily. practice one element: devotion to 1 issue or one factor. despite the fact that that becomes very hard, he says, he will provide you with one extra sūtra.

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