Stomach bloating – four diet hacks to beat the bloat this summer

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Most people have experienced bloating at some point in their lifetime, according to the NHS.

It can feel like your tummy is stretched, and may be very uncomfortable.

The condition may be due to trapped wind, constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Lower your risk of tummy troubles by reducing your daily stress, losing excess weight, and by quitting smoking.

You can prevent stomach bloating from coming back this summer by making changes to your diet, according to ProVen Probiotics’ Consultant Dietitian, Helen Bond.

Eat regular meals

Eating three meals a day could help to prevent bloating, said the dietitian.

You should also avoid talking with your mouth full, as it could lead to swallowing air; a cause of bloating.

Bond said: “Aim to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, without leaving long gaps between meals or eating late at night, and take time to enjoy these eating occasions, chewing your food well.

“Skipping meals and eating quickly can aggravate any digestive discomfort you may have.”


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