Study of Kiwi diet reveals good, bad and ugly


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The study showed that in some ways we’re eating better, in some ways we’re getting worse. Photo credit: Getty

An MPI-led study has revealed the good, bad and ugly about the modern New Zealand diet.

The 2016 New Zealand Total Diet Study (TDS) tested over 4000 food samples to get a better understanding of what Kiwis are ingesting from farms to the supermarket.

Dr Andrew Pearson from the Ministry for Primary Industries told RadioLive’s Home & Garden that the food samples were all prepared as a normal Kiwi family would prepare it.

The bacon was fried up and vegetables boiled before the researchers measured chemical and nutrient levels.

The study provided good news for iodine levels, which are now back to healthy levels for the first time in decades. Dr Pearson attributes the iodine levels to bread fortified with iodised salt.

“It was one of the real success stories of this study,” he told RadioLIVE.

When co-host Helen Jackson asked whether non-organic foods should be a concern, Dr Pearson assured her that levels are not even close to dangerous.

MPI researchers tested for over 300 agricultural chemicals and 20 herbicides contained in the food samples.

“Certainly, [the chemicals are] there. There are certainly residues in the diet,” Dr Pearson says.

But he said “there isn’t a dietary risk” for those who eat non-organic foods, with the levels of chemicals and herbicides in diets across all age groups well below safe levels.

“Even if you look at the mixture of chemicals across the diet, it’s not something Kiwis need to be concerned about because it’s still far below these safe levels.”


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