if you have some thing you desired, then are you happy?

Vitrushnasya vashikara sanjna vairagyam

The mind that gallops is an obstruction. An expectation in meditation is an obstruction. you have got heardsomeone‘s revel in that light seems, somebody comes from heaven and takes them by using hand and also you see it together with your eyes closed. most of these thoughts are the construction of fiction.

Your choice for delight or happiness makes you sad. You observe that each time you are unhappy ormiserable, in the back of that is your trying to be happy. you acquire it? craving for happiness bringsdistress. if you do not even crave for happiness, you then are happy. You crave for happiness and youinvite misery. while you do now not care for happiness, you’re liberated and while you do not even care for liberation, you gain love. step one is while you do now not care for happiness. the second step is param vairagya (supreme dispassion). while you do now not even care for liberation, then you areunfastened. you are liberated.

when you have some thing you wanted, then are you glad?
Happiness is only a mere concept in the thoughts. you think that if you have this you’re glad. when you have some thing you wanted, then are you glad? Vairagya is placing a prevent to yearning for happiness.

that doesn’t imply you should be depressing. It isn’t that. It does no longer suggest you have to notrevel in yourself, however the craving for joy, only while you retrieve your mind from it, only then can you meditate. Then yoga happens.

Your desires and fantasies, simply shatter them. all of your desires and fantasies, provide them to the fire. Burn them. What top notch happiness do you need to have? How lengthy can you have got it? you are going to be completed. it’s miles all going to give up. earlier than this earth eats you up, come to beloose.

free yourself from this feverishness that is gripping your mind.

loose your self from this yearning for happiness
look at every craving you’ve got closely and take into account you’re going to die. Your craving forcandies, sugar, meals. Ask your self if you want to maintain ingesting them. ok, eat for as long as you want. See consciously, what can they do? nothing. What else do you crave for? stunning perspectives?maintain on searching on the view. How lengthy you can go on looking?

intercourse. How a lot sex can you have? Then you may see that there is nothing in it. How long? Few moments later, the frame seems like styrofoam, that which became so attractive before.

What different factor? these kind of substances you spot have obstacles, but your mind isn’t alwaysequipped for boundaries. It desires unlimited pleasure, which the five senses can not give you. it’s farnot possible. You virtually get burnt down, time and again once more.

Skillfully handling the gadgets of senses and bringing it to the Self is dispassion or vairagya.

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