Tips to get your skin ready for Valentine’s Day

Image result for Tips to get your skin ready for Valentine's DaySAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Want to Know How to Glow for Valentine’s Day?

Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Azadeh Shirazi shared the benefits of cryo-facials and offered skin care tips on Good Morning San Diego.

Here’s some Skin Tips to get your skin ready:

1. Facial Steam- ***DEMO*** bringing in a steamer, steaming model

Winter weather is very drying, especially if you have your heaters/fireplace on, dry skin looks more wrinkled and weathered than hydrated skin
Facial steaming not only hydrates your skin but also promotes and enhances blood circulation. Hydrated skin looks plumper and smoother, helps hide skin imperfections.

**at home tips: you can buy a at home steamer, use a steam room at your gym, or get a humidifier to help hydrate your skin over night

2. Ice Facial or CryoFacial- We can freeze you in time

What are the Benefits of Freezing your Face?

Cryotherapy has been known as an effective method of destruction and traditionally used to kill cancer cells. But there are other benefit when it comes to radiant skin.

The Ice Faciall involves using Liquid Nitrogen❄️ ( which is -321 degrees F) to rejuvenate the skin.

What could be great about that?
• Freezing your face can help soothe inflammation (If you have Acne or Eczema, red skin it can help calm those conditions)
• Improves skin tone while reducing and closing your pores.
• Regular treatments boost cell rejuvenation and collagen to restore a fresh glow.
Helps reduce puffiness so it’s a great treatment after traveling from a long flight or if you were in high altitudes (mountains)

3. Biocellulose Recovery Mask
• Soothes and replenshes the skin
• Hydrates the skin, volumizing it

3. Vit C Serum and Eat your oranges and tangerines
• Vitamin C is important for building and repairing collagen, and in
• periods of stress or illness can help boost your immune cells


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