Turning your hair loss woes to hair whoa!

Hair loss can be emotionally difficult for some people. This change in physical appearance could trigger anxiety and get in the way of personal, social, and work life. Baldness and hair loss appear in different ways and it can affect both male and female at any time of their lives. If you are one of the millions of people who experience hair woes, you are no stranger to any of the symptoms and embarrassing situations cited below:

Experiencing gradual thinning of hair.  Has anyone tried guessing your age and they are off by a good five or ten years? Have you ever been met with shocked expressions when you tell new acquaintances how young you really are? Hair loss has been associated with old age that people with thinning hair are immediately assumed older. Thinning hair is the most common type of hair loss regardless of age. In women, the thinning of the hair starts at the center, while in men, the hairline usually recedes first.

Getting patchy bald spots. Going to a salon for a haircut should be a pampering experience, but this simple act can be stressful if you have patchy bald spots. It’s a bit of relief if you are able to hide these patches with hair, but what happens when your bald spots are in more noticeable areas of your head? People suffering from this usually have their hair falling out in round uneven patches. This could make anyone insecure of their looks and hinder social activities.

Having sudden loosening of hair. People lose about 100 strands of hair every day, but those with symptoms of excessive hair loss can notice thinning of hair. You might notice an unhealthy amount of loose hair when you’re in the shower, but it could also happen when you’re out eating with your friends. Imagine pushing your hair back and clumps of it fall out onto your table. This could be potentially embarrassing when out in public or during social events.

Hair loss can be the result of a person’s genes, hormonal changes in the body, medical conditions, or effects from medications. Below are some of the ways to address your hair loss problems:

Some choose to address these common triggers with cosmetics, accessories, diets, and hairstyles. Despite the fact that hair shedding is natural, some people tend to jump to various products to combat hair loss. Sometimes, these products that promise quick fixes contain damaging chemicals that could do more harm than good. Some of the ingredients to watch out for are Parabens, Phthalates, and Triethanolamine (TEA). Parabens, for example, have been linked to increased risk of cancer and hormonal imbalance. According to Dr. Risa Caldozao-de Leon, an aesthetics doctor, chemical-based shampoos can cause thinning hair, bald patches, and even make hair dry and brittle. She believes one of the best ways to promote healthy hair and regrowth is to nourish the hair with natural ingredients.

Hair loss could be addressed with milder products like Novuhair. Formulated with 19 natural ingredients and essential oils, Novuhair is scientifically proven safe and effective in preventing the progression of hair loss, decreasing hair shedding, and promoting hair growth. Novuhair is Food and Drug Administration-registered, which makes it safe to use. Its 19 natural ingredients, among which are ginger, moringa, coconut, ginseng, and aloe, aid in promoting the growth of hair follicles. Aside from encouraging hair growth, Novuhair is also recommended for those who want shinier and healthier hair. It is also a great natural cleansing solution for those suffering from scalp itchiness and dandruff.


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