WATCH Man proposes to his girlfriend during a couples yoga routine on the beach

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Asking a girl to marry you is no cakewalk. And in today’s world, where everyone is out there to give #proposalgoals – it actually adds to the pressure. Forget the thought of gathering all the courage, tackling the nervousness, the palpitation and the giddy feelings – now it’s also about being unique. Of course, everyone wants to make their significant moment special, and capture everything when the man pops the question, but a man took it to a whole new level.

While around the world, men usually get down on one knee, before pulling out the ring, the idea of was too much of a cliché for Alec Horan. So, he proposed his girlfriend balancing her entire body on his feet! Yes, the fitness enthusiast popped the question while the couple were doing yoga on a beach in Hawaii.

The woman was startled by the sweet surprise.

He took six months to plan out the whole thing before finally executing it. And even hired a photographer, because – after all – what’s the use of such an elaborate proposal if it can’t be recorded.

Horan said his girlfriend Steph Gardner did not have any doubts when he suggested recording the yoga routine against the picturesque beach, as the duo have previously recorded many such workout routines together. But little did Gardner know, today was something special.

Finally, he got down on one knee too!

The video is now going viral for all the right reasons. Watch the video here

Talking to the Daily Mail, Horan said, “I’ve been with Steph for two years and we do yoga together often. We love setting up the camera to get good yoga shots, it’s intimate and a very good way for me and Steph to connect.”
He added that he had planned the trip to Hawai for March and had chalked out a plan to make it memorable. “Because the love there is tangible, a lot of people who watch the video get choked up, but reactions have been extremely positive,” he added while commenting about the video.


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