Weight Loss Diet: Make These Easy Keto-Friendly Cheese Chips At Home

Weight Loss Diet: Make These Easy Keto-Friendly Cheese Chips At Home (Watch Recipe Video)

Of all the weight loss diets that are making waves these days, keto diet has made huge strides with many people including celebrities opting for this diet, which apparently shows instant results without the need of tiring the body in gym. Keto diet is based on consumption of high-fat, high-protein and low-carb foods that transform the bodily functions and make it go through a state of ketosis that works to burn fat faster. While following any other diet can be quiet boring and difficult to stick to, it’s not the same with keto diet. This diet lets you eat your favourite foods with cheese, butter etc. with the exception of carbohydrates. Ain’t that difficult, right?

Imagine not being able to eat your favourite biscuits or regular potato chips during snacking time! So, here we bring to you a recipe of yummy, cheesy and crispy crackersthat will satiate your untimely hunger pangs and will also not hinder your weight loss journey. These chips are made with goat cheese, which is the healthiest among all thevarieties of cheese. Goat cheese is packed with proteins and other nutrients like calcium and copper, and is a great food for bone and muscle health. Goat cheese is also a great source of good fats that help in boosting good cholesterol content in the body.

The recipe of cheese chips has been shared by Sahil Makhija, a popular chef and food vlogger on his YouTube channel ‘Headbanger’s Kitchen’.


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