Women’s health advice: what you need to know about female hair loss

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In the video above, Dr. Dawn Harper shares some facts and common misconceptions about female hair loss, discussing types of hair loss including hair loss after pregnancy, treatment options and where to go for further advice.

As Dr. Harper explains, there are two main types of female hair loss she treats patients for in her GP surgery. The first is a generalised thinning of the hair, commonly experienced around the time of the menopause and often hereditary. The second type of hair loss Dr. Harper sees is alopecia, a condition where the body develops antibodies to its own hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out in clumps or all at once.

This is the seventh episode in our Women’s Health Advice video series, which aims to bust myths and offer practical advice on common health concerns that impact women.

Next week’s final episode will focus on fertility, while last week’s episode shared information regarding high blood pressure.


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