HAIR TODAY… Asda slashes the price of baldness drug that Wayne Rooney reportedly took – and it costs just £1 a day

ASDA has slashed the price of a “wonder” pill used treat hair loss by as much as 75 per cent.

Propecia, whose makers claim it to be 93 per cent effective in treating male baldness, was reportedly used by Wayne Rooney to counter his receding hairline before his hair transplant and President Donald Trump to boost his famous locks.

Footballer Wayne Rooney reportedly took the medication to counter his receding hairline. He has since had a hair transplant.

Footballer Wayne Rooney reportedly took the medication to counter his receding hairline. He has since had a hair transplant.

Propecia is one of the brand names for finasteride, which scientists have linked to erectile dysfunction

The drug costs as little as £1 per day at Asda and its makers claim it helps regrow hair within months

Asda now sells the controversial drug for the equivalent of £1 a day as a box of 28 tablets now costs £28 at its 255 pharmacies across the UK.

This compares to £49 at Boots, £45 at Lloyds and £37 at Superdrug.

The drug can be found even cheaper at £15.99 for a 4 week supply on MedExpress – an online UK based registered pharmacy.

“Hair loss is an extremely sensitive matter, however our new service enables male shoppers to have a private consultation and purchase the tablets without taking time out to visit their GP,” a spokesperson for Asda said.

The supermarket added that the treatment – which is available without prescription – will be subject to eligibility and a consultation with an accredited pharmacist.

TV presenter Dr Ranj recently explored treatments for male pattern baldness on ITV’s Save Money. After just three months of taking the Propecia pills daily Dr Ranj said he saw signs of his hair loss reversing.

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