6 Signs That You Are Following The Wrong Diet

low carb dietIt is easy for you to get inspired by the umpteen weight loss ideas, especially those pertaining to diets. Though it is essential that you do certain lifestyle modifications and diet changes to shed those few extra pounds, it is important that you do it the right way. Not all diets suit everyone and some can be totally harmful. However, in most cases, your body will itself exhibit certain signs that diet is absurd.

Continue reading to find out a few signs that you have been following a wrong diet.

  1. Hair loss: When you do not get adequate nutrition, your organs might find it hard to function properly. And when you follow a starvation diet that leads to severe protein-energy malnourishment, it can cause hair loss or brittle hair. It is an indication that your diet is low in protein, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients.
  2. Compromised Immune System: When you follow a poor diet, it can affect your immunity and makes you fight infection more often. Optimal nutrition, especially adequate vitamins and minerals can help reverse it.
  3. Low energy levels: Feeling fatigued and having low energy levels are one of the best indicators of improper diet. When your diet is low in protein and vitamin C, you could face this. Taking whole grains with lean protein can aid in stabilizing your energy levels as well as blood sugar levels.
  4. Dental problems: You can totally blame your diet if you are facing dental problems. This is because your mouth is the first place to find signs of poor nutrition. Vitamin-C deficiency can cause irritated gums, bleeding and even loss of teeth.
  5. Impaired wound healing: If your wounds do not heal quickly and properly, it is obvious that your diet does not supply all the required nutrients. Bad nutrition has a great impact on the strength of new wound tissue and recovery time. Thus it is important that you consume a lot of protein and micronutrients for proper wound healing.
  6. Mental health issues like bad mood or depression: Poor diet might be ruining your mood. When you avoid taking carbohydrates, you actually tend to crave them and end up feeling irritated. And since your blood sugar gets low, you can have mood swings. Thus, it is important to take adequate amount of carbs to your diet to feel satiated and happy (since it also boosts serotonin production in your brain).


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