9 simple grooming and skin care tricks every man should follow to look good

Grooming and skin care need not be a tedious routine for men. You can start looking good by following some simple, DIY methods regularly.

If you think only women need to bother with pedicures or sunscreen, you’re mistaken. Personal grooming is important for everyone, and certainly men. Regular pedicures, weekly deep cleansing sessions and sweat prevention are a few of things men should be careful about. Ragini Mehra, Founder, Beauty Source and Milan Sharma, Co-founder, Magnifique, have suggested tips:

Incorporate regular pedicures into your routine

Besides being relaxing, pedicures are an absolute must. Of course, a pedicure will leave you with smooth and nourished skin, but most importantly – it will ensure your toenails are cared for and help you avoid the terrifying ingrown nail.

Pedicures will ensure your toenails are cared for and help you avoid the terrifying ingrown nail. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)


Pick your signature fragrance with care

Your favourite winter fragrance could react with heat and sweat to smell like something completely different, so pick your summer perfume with care. Try a few variations and see how they perform before settling on a staple.

Amp up hair care but cut down on hair styling products

It’s summer, so you will perspire. The trick to maintaining a well-coiffed hairdo when the temperature rises is minimum interference. Cut down on styling products that could go wrong, but at the same time, showing your scalp some love with the right hair care routine. A cooling shampoo and a mild leave in conditioner are all you need.

Sun protection

Using a good sun block is mandatory as sun protection is essential if you are out in the sun during the daytime, in order to avoid sunburns and tan that do not go easily.

Apply sunscreen before stepping outdoors to avoid sunburn and tanning. (Shutterstock)


Exfoliate/ deep cleanse weekly

One of the most important parts of any skincare routine, exfoliation will help to remove any oil, grease or dirt build up that inevitably comes with warmer, muggier days.

Sweat prevention

There’s little that can be done in terms of sweat prevention, but simple measures like opting for natural fibres over synthetics, choosing loose fitted clothing and drinking plenty of water throughout the day can help. Use a good quality deodorant for keeping body odour at bay.

Before and after shave

During summer, moisturise the face before shaving, and once you are done, use a toner to keep the skin firm and clear throughout the day. You can, then, apply the after shave cream to keep your skin moisturised and irritation-free.

Stay hydrated

For flawless skin and hair, make sure to stay hydrated, especially during summer. It helps in keeping acne and skin dryness at bay, which are two major summer issues.

Shampoo regularly

You need to shampoo on alternate days if your scalp gets excessively oily. Shampoo your hair twice or thrice weekly to get rid of the oil and dirt.




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