About more than just the diet

Image result for healthy dietNutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel book The Athlete In You was unveiled by sporting personalities like Sunil Gavaskar and Zaheer Khan along with Dr Aashish Contractor, Head of Department, Sports Medicine, Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital. The book is inspired from Patel’s personal journey to get fit. “Besides a diet, what helped majorly was taking up a sport. Running and swimming helped discipline my routine.”

The book starts with an eloquent message, and insists that it is not a ‘diet’ book. “We all are athletes in our own spaces, living and fighting to achieve the best for ourselves. But we need to focus on becoming a fitter, healthier and more athletic individuals,” it says.

The book stresses on the importance of taking up a sport, and its benefits. Here are the highlights:

Swimming: It’s a good option for people with joint aches and pains (or full-blown arthritis), as it is non-impact in nature; your joints rest easy while you perform.

Squash: Squash players need to have high muscular endurance to sustain for the duration of the match. For those who want to a fit and strong body, it’s a great game to consider.

Badminton: This game also has that stop-and-go feature to it, which will help to ramp up your metabolic rate for hours

Marathon running: Great for building endurance. If great cardiovascular health is your goal, marathon running can provide it.


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