how to achieve the States of Samadhi

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – understanding Sheet 15

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The four types of samadhi that we mentioned are vitarkânugama samâdhi (the calmness which you get from unique good judgment), vichârânugama samâdhi (equanimous state in which you’re aware aboutthe mind, yet they are now not worrying you), anandnugama samadhi (happy state) and asmitânugama samadhi (deep enjoy of meditation with simply the attention that ‘you are‘). all of the four are referred to as sampragnâtha.

Now, the way to achieve these states of samadhi? the subsequent Patanjali Yoga Sutra says it’s milesquite simple.

Viramapratyabhyasapurvaha samskara sheshonyaha

The exercise of deep rest consciously takes place (naturally) in a few humans due to antiqueimpressions. just via doing something, you cannot reap this attention. You can’t carry up the intelligence or alertness in you by using attempt. This happens without attempt, with the aid of relaxation, throughreposing in the Self.
– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #18

unconscious relaxation is sleep, which we are pressured by way of nature. You aren’t resting; you arecompelled to rest. you are so worn-out and nature is pulling you down and forcing you and making yourelaxation. real relaxation takes place most effective in deep meditation due to the fact you’reconsciously resting. You allow your self to relaxation. Do you notice the distinction? Sleep is setting you to relaxation however meditation is you resting to your personal. this is abhyasa (exercise) of deep restconsciously.

some human beings have to practice this with a view to be equanimous and produce up morerecognition in them. For some people it’s miles by using vintage impressions (samskaras) of past lives, births; it just happens. every now and then right from the birth or now and again at some specificlength in lifestyles, they begin starting up. this is samskara sheshonya. have you ever noticed this? a few human beings, after 30-40 years, all at once confide in some non secular enjoy. they have gotmore cognizance. however regrettably, maximum of these people get inaccurate. this is becausethere’s no root of information of yoga. At that level as a substitute of getting misled by way of evangelicstories, they ought to know that they’re all from samskara shesha (antique impressions). it is a specifickind of samadhi.

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