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If you’ve always wanted a comprehensive and effective skincare regime without having to fuss around with 10 different products in order to reap all the skincare ingredients benefits, you’re not alone. By now, we’re all familiar with the anti-ageing and skin-loving benefits of antioxidants and so on. But admittedly, layering different productscan be such a cumbersome affair. Fret not, the new Allies of Skin 24/7 Kit might just be the answer to your skincare woes.


Allies of Skin was founded with the simple goal of creating smart, effective products using potent antioxidants and intelligent ingredients. Their 24/7 kit, featuring the 1A All-Day Mask and Molecular Saviour Toner Mist, is designed to be the basic foundation of any skincare routine. The star ingredients? Retinol (increases cell turnover and stimulates collagen), Pterostilbene (repairs and prevents skin damage), Probiotics (creates a healthy balanced skin flora and reduces acne and redness) and Colloidal Silver (stimulates skin healing) – all in one range.

If you are keen on discovering more about the product line, head on up to our gallery above to find out more about each of the kit’s game-changing products!

The 1A Overnight Mask is priced at SGD129 and the Molecular Saviour Toner Mist is priced at SGD79. All Allies of Skin products are available on the Allies of Skin website.

Sarah Khan

Photos: Allies of Skin


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