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Fitness is very important. But any drastic change you make in your lifestyle will not be sustainable.According to celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija, it is important to give up a difficult eating pattern as a difficult diet will not help.

“If you need to make permanent change, small tweaks will help you attain the goal. Only small tweaks and lifestyle hack will actually show the change. Keeping in mind the basic diet and healthy eating habits will help. Eating less doesn’t help but eating right does,” added Makhija, who came in support of the anthology Healthy Binge which will air in June on Sony BBC Earth.

She shares some basic tips:

*Never eat large meals in large gaps. Eat every 2 hours and in small quantities.

* Don’t do extreme physical activity. Do timely exercise and periodically.

* Never compromise on eating as it differs from person to person. The quality of the food is extremely important but the quantity is not.

* Consume water. Eating food is important, but ignoring water will ruin all the efforts. Having water time to time is very important for the proper working of your body.

* Having a balanced diet is extremely important. Don’t go with trends, but learn to eat balanced food that will help in the long run.

At the moment, she is working on her third book which “describes what to eat and what not to because a millennial should know their diet at very early stage”.


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