What is a watermelon diet? Here are the pros and cons

The only happy thing about summer is our favourite melons. Tasty, hydrating and nutritious – watermelons make for a perfect summer and weight loss snack. If you want to lose weight and watermelon is your favourite fruit, here is a piece of good news for you.
A lot of people are trying watermelon diet to lose weight and it is working for them. Should you try it too? Read on to know more.

What is a watermelon diet?
There is not one but many versions of watermelon diet and the most famous sort is the cleanse watermelon diet. While following this version of the diet, dieters eat nothing but just watermelon during the first stage. This initial stage lasts for nearly three days. Because you are only eating watermelon, you can safely eat one large-size watermelon every day.

After this initial stage, many people go back to their normal diet while others add other foods gradually into their diet. For example, you might have two light meals a day and watermelon as a snack.

What do experts say?
The diet is appealing to many people because it only involves short term commitment. And it’s easy for people to follow because watermelon is the favourite of many.

Watermelon is low in calories, provides you with essential vitamins, minerals and also has antioxidant, which gives it the red colour. The diet actually is a cleanse plan because watermelon is 90 per cent water.

Risks of diet
As the diet only involves eating watermelons, it leaves you deprived of any protein and fat, which are essential nutrients for a healthy living. People who have any health condition might face problems while following the diet. So do not forget to consult your doctor before you decide to follow the diet.

Once you stop the diet and go back to your old eating habits, you may gain all the lost fat back.

Watermelon diet and weight loss

The diet claims quick weight loss, but it is only for short-term like any other fad diet. When you consume watermelon, it helps curb hunger by reducing your appetite. Also, the chewing and swallowing process gives you a filling effect.

Who must not follow the diet?
No one should overdo the diet as it may have negative health effects. Pregnant women, diabetics and children must not follow the diet.

If you want to try the diet, do not just have watermelon alone. You can add some healthy protein, fat and carbs to have a balance diet.

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