Elemental Yoga: A Sequence to Balance Your Body this Spring

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Photo: Shutterstock.

The Inertia

Spring is here and although many of us are looking forward to this exciting time of year sometimes certain unexpected imbalances can occur. It is important to remain aware of the body’s tendency to become imbalanced as the seasons change. Here are a few Yoga Healing Nature tips to properly balance your system with this exciting transition into spring.

Spring is the time of the year when nature really speaks to us, with it’s expansive energy, and everything around us changes bringing new color and life. All the buds shed their protective layers, very useful during winter, but now no longer needed, expanding into beautiful flowers. The spring season is related to the space element, also called wood element in traditional Chinese medicine and in your body is connected to your gallbladder and liver meridians. Hence, when moving into spring it is important to bring attention to these areas of the body helping you keep in balance with your natural clock.

When the space element is balanced, one achieves a clear overview about their life, has good planning abilities and strategic skills, and is very confident about which directions things should go. I’m sure everybody can benefit from more of that! On the other side when the Space element is out of balance, we can feel very indecisive, have a lack of control, difficulty in planning, poor judgment and/or lack of coordination. All of this can lead to becoming a more controlling, angry, resentful, opinionated, stuck and inflexible person.

These imbalances are all matters that can be addressed through making small lifestyle adjustment and becoming more attentive of certain things. Here are a few of the best things to do to keep your balance throughout the Spring season.



A gentle Liver detox is really helpful in this time of the year, get in the habit to squeeze the juice of half lemon in a cup of water (better if at room temperature) first thing in the morning. This will gently help your liver to get rid of extra unneeded fat.


Light Fat Free Diet

The best way to get the right nutrients needed for every seasons is to eat seasonally and locally and spring has plenty of rich and colorful foods to delight you with something different every day… Avoid fatty foods like butter and cheese, if you eat fish go for light white fish other than salmon for example, or if you eat meat go for some organic chicken breast, other than pork or beef. With your cooking try to boil or grill your food other than frying it.


The Yoga

Yes this is where all the magic happens… In Elemental Yoga we use the meridian lines to activate the energies of each organ and in the case of spring the Gall Bladder and Liver meridians. Through asana practice we can bring energy to these organs to balance the space element.

If you are an expert yogi, you want to concentrate your practice on any type of side stretches and side strengthening, (like extended side angle and side plank) this will activate your gallbladder energy, and for the liver you want add to your practice some deep twists.

Since your liver is one of the largest organ that sits on the right side of your upper abdomen and lower ribcage any deep spinal twists will squeeze this organ, and in turn, this helps to cleanse and stimulate your liver. Below is my video for a short 20-minute yoga sequence to practice during spring or to add to your existing practice.


Elemental Yoga aims to rebalance the body through the practice of yoga, meditation, good nutrition and small lifestyle adjustments. Feel free toget in touch with us to receive and initial free consultation online.


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