experience happy, grow to be one with humans doing a great activity

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – information Sheet 30
Contd. from understanding sheet 29

people who are doing a very good activity or meritorious activity, those who have numerous deserves,who are blessed, experience happy with them. turn out to be one with them. sense which you are doing the job with them. Then the sense of opposition with folks who are doing an excellent processdisappears. Jealousy subsides. locating fault with people who are doing excellent matters will depart.humans have this tendency. while someone is good, a person is blessed, meritorious or doing a littleexcellent paintings, human beings try to discover fault with them. Do you notice what i’m pronouncing?looking for fault in those who are doing a terrific process! they are saying, “Oh they ought to havefinished that better.” at the least they have got achieved that. You haven’t even performed that and also you say, “They should have prepared higher.” generally, criticism comes from people who do not work.have you noticed this? individuals who do no longer do something criticize others: “Oh that character didnot do better.” most of the time this occurs.

Do no longer locate fault, sense glad
Do now not find fault with folks who are doing a very good job. someone is doing first-rate service, feelsatisfied approximately it. Do now not say, “Oh that individual need to do greater service, ought to haveperformed better. there may be this flaw within the enterprise, that flaw.” well, the corporation may havesuch a lot of flaws. So what? but this employer is doing the sort of proper task to uplift people. Why notplaced your interest there as an alternative? you say, “Oh the enterprise is strict and that characterstated this and this man or woman stated that.” you can still get stuck up in those tricks, locating fault. Do now not find faults but feel happy for those folks who are doing a good job.

end up one with them
whilst will you do this? when you turns into one with them! it’s miles like this: if the proper hand is doingan excellent job, the left hand will appreciate it. “Oh, the right hand could write this beautiful poem.” The left hand does no longer do it. It does not write, however it does no longer stop the proper hand from writing. So it feels that it is a part of the alternative hand. well, this hand can do something else. it cankeep the table and paper and the alternative hand can preserve the pen and it could write well. in addition, while you feel that they’re a part of you and they’re doing an excellent process, you experienceglad inside.

Mudita approach happiness approximately folks that are doing a outstanding activity. share the happiness of others and sense satisfied.

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(that is a part of a sequence of understanding sheets primarily based on Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s commentaries on Patanjali Yoga Sutras.)

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