Are You truly happy? Or is all of it an phantasm?

Patanjali Yoga Sutras – understanding Sheet 3
In the sooner posts, we instructed you the story of ways Patanjali came to be. We now start the collectionon Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Atha yoganushasanam
Now i can enunciate the area of Yoga.

– Patanjali Yoga Sutra #1

Shasana approach policies someone imposes on you. Anushasana is the guideline you impose uponyourself. Do you spot the difference? Now, why is yoga called a discipline? wherein is the want for field?whilst does the want for area get up?

when you are thirsty and need to drink water, you do no longer say “Oh! that is a rule, I must drink water”.while you are hungry, you simply eat. when it comes to the question of enjoying oneself, no area isnecessary.

in which does subject come into the picture?
area arises while some thing isn’t always very fascinating first of all. isn’t always it? while you are glad,whilst you are in peace or happiness, then you are already in your self. there’s no field there. howeverwhilst the thoughts is wagging its tail all the time, then subject is critical to :calm it down.

The fruit of it’s miles subsequently glad, joyful. As a diabetic says, “i have the subject no longer todevour sugar.”

There are 3 sorts of happiness.

Sattvic — happiness which isn’t pleasing to start with, however ends in pleasure
Rajasic — happiness that appears to start properly but ends in misery
Tamasic — there appears to be happiness but in reality there is only distress from starting to give up
No subject is essential for tamasic happiness. wrong subject outcomes in rajasic happiness. For sattvic happiness, subject is critical to begin with. It need no longer be uncomfortable all of the time. however ifit is uncomfortable, then you definitely need to be capable of bear with it. You need area. that is why Patanjali starts offevolved with the existing, when matters aren’t clear and whilst your heart is notinside the right place.

Now allow us to investigate the subject of yoga
it’s far no one‘s imposition; it’s far self-imposed. There is a lot we impose on ourselves — every morning wewake up and brush our enamel, we then brush them once more before going to bed. that is your subject.but, those were self-imposed from childhood. have not they?

when you were a child, your mother needed to impose the field on you. Then, once it became aaddiction, you understood it changed into on your own exact. then you located it become now not yourmother‘s rule however your personal.

within the identical way, preserving yourself clean, hygienic, exercising, meditating, being kind,thoughtful and so on. a majority of these policies you’ve got imposed on your self are all discipline..isn’t it?

Yoga approach uniting with your supply. when does that happen? This occurs while the mind, which ischattering all of the time, unexpectedly becomes silent.

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