Get A Sparkling Glow On Your Skin With This Simple Morning Ritual: It Will Give A Perfect Kickstart To Your Day!

Get A Sparkling Glow On Your Skin With This Simple Morning Ritual: It Will Give A Perfect Kickstart To Your Day!Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho often takes to social media to share about the little and simple things in life which offer amazing health benefits. In this article, we are going to talk about a simple morning ritual that can help you have a glowing skin and get your brain charged up. This simple routine, shared by Luke on his social media, can be especially helpful for those who feel sleepy in the morning or find it difficult to wake up on time.

Every day when you wake up in the morning, follow your daily routine like taking a dump or brushing your teeth and washing your face. After these basic morning to-dos, which can even include meditation and some stretching exercises, you need to take two ice cubes and gently rub them all over your face and forehead. Hold these ice cubes with a handkerchief to feel at ease. Close your eyes and rub them over your eyelids and below your eyes.


Morning ritual for glowing skin: Rubbing ice cubes on skin can tighten it and impart a sparkling glow
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This simple trick can be added to your morning ritual if you want to have a glowing skin. It will tighten up your skin and will refresh you. What’s more is that it will super charge your brain and will prepare you for the day.

In case you have sinus or feel uncomfortable while following this morning ritual, avoid it. The idea is to feel good and positive with the simple things in life that come for free.This is an uncomfortable and often very painful skin condition. With it, your skin becomes red, tender and warm.

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