Gut-Health: How Good Is Kombucha For Your Gut

No form of life has ever lived without bacteria – every form of life lives with microbial community. We are 10:1 with microorganisms to our human cells by bacteria. This is why fermented beverages have started becoming increasingly popular and consumed globally for their benefits for the human body. Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy, sweet, and sour tea that has been consumed for thousands of years. Since kombucha drink has a culture of bacteria and yeast added, the addition of these bacteria and yeast causes fermentation which provides additional probiotic benefits along with the nutritional value of tea. Kombucha also needs transformational action of intentional anaerobic microorganisms. It also needs an acquired taste to be able to have it regularly.

Gut-Health: How Good Is Kombucha For Your Gut

Kombucha is rich in probiotics as it contains live cultures, which contain lactic acid bacteria which is one of the beneficial strains of bacteria for the gut. The other benefit of kombucha is that live bacterial cultures found in food that are not heated after fermentation are extremely beneficial to consume.

The function of the live bacterial cultures are as follows:

  • Assimilation of nutrients
  • Digestion of many nutrients
  • Synthesizing essential nutrients
  • Human being cannot reproduce without bacteria
  • Produce glycogen supports lactic acid bacteria which makes the body acidic to help us to reproduce
  • Bacteria in our gut – release of serotonin which is our happy hormone and release of neurochemicals which are helpful for good gut-brain chemistry.

Consuming kombucha or any other fermented beverage has many benefits which help the body – such as it transforms food or beverage nutritionally in many ways.

– It enhances Pre-digestion, while food is fermenting, the compound dense foods are being pre-digested by fermentation organisms into elemental forms for the body to assimilate easily.


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