Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit Nene: Diet Tips You Can Steal From The Ageless 52-Year-Old

Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit Nene: Diet Tips You Can Steal From The Ageless 52-Year-Old

Madhuri Dixit Nene is called a timeless diva who can enrapture Bollywood lovers with just one smile. The beauty turns 52 today and she still has looks to kill. The mother of two recently appeared in two multi-starrers-Total Dhamaal and Kalank. Dixit is known for her charming visage and her excellent and unmatched dancing skills that have always been the talking point of almost every movie that she has been a part of. Madhuri Dixit is quite a vision on the dance floor and she has indeed won herself fans and followers from around the world for her unfaltering poise and grace that just refuses to fade away. Dixit is a classically trained dancer and she even has a YouTube channel where she teaches the hook steps of some of her most iconic Bollywood songs and dance sequences.

What makes Madhuri Dixit truly a favourite of every Bollywood lover is her passion that shines through in her work. Besides Bollywood films, Dixit also works in Marathi movies and has a number of brand endorsements in her kitty. Despite having a packed and hectic schedule, Dixit manages to stay fit and fabulous as always. Needless to say, it’s not easy being Madhuri Dixit and there’s a fair bit of discipline involved in following a healthy diet and lifestyle that makes her look ageless.

Madhuri Dixit Diet Secrets

The first thing that strikes anyone who beholds this beautiful actor is her blemish-free and flawless skin. Madhuri Dixit has been known to eat quite healthy and clean, which also reflects in her looks and her toned physique. The one form of exercise that she swears by is dancing and she has confessed her love for it multiple times.

But apart from workouts, she also follows certain basic healthy diet tips that help her stay in shape. Here are a few of them:

1. Eat Your Veggies: Madhuri makes sure she eats her vegetables. Even in the middle of a busy day, she eats a big lunch consisting of vegetables, which are rich in fibre, essential minerals and vitamins. She also posted this picture of her own organically grown bell peppers, which tell us about her love for fresh vegetables.

2. Don’t Skip Meals: The key to keeping fit is eating on time. Madhuri Dixit makes sure she gets her daily nutrition by eating right and at the right time.

3. Eat Fish: Madhuri Dixit eats grilled fish for lunch. Fish is full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and is also rich in protein. The proteins in fish are high quality lean protein, which keeps you satiated and helps muscle recovery after workouts.

4. Stay Hydrated: Madhuri Dixit prefers coconut water to keep herself hydrated. Staying hydrated is rule number one for a healthy skin, as well as a healthy mind and body. Take a look:

5. Indulge Yourself: Following a healthy diet doesn’t mean killing all your cravings. It is important to indulge yourself sometimes as well and sure enough, Madhuri does that too. She loves her tea and often posts pictures of herself enjoying her cup of tea on Instagram. Here’s a picture of herself indulging in some caramel popcorn to go with her tea:

The key to a healthy lifestyle is following a healthy diet and staying positive. All these things come together naturally for Madhuri Dixit, who seems to have cracked the code to staying young and gorgeous always.


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